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tv   Book Discussion on A Better Choice  CSPAN  October 11, 2015 5:49pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> interested in american history? watch american history television on c-span three every weekend, 48 hours of people and events that help document the american story. visit for more information flagler and now joining us on book tv, john given of the independent institute. first of all, what is the independent institute command what do you do for a living? apopka it is a think tank, and i just started my own. we work closely together. i am an economist and my focus is on policy flagler where are you based? >> guest: ii am in dallas, but we have a virtual think tank. abcawun,. >> host, you have written about healthcare for quite a while. your most recent book, healthcare solutions for america the affordable care
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act is now the law of the land. >> guest: it is. focuses on six big problems that are not going away and will require congress and the pres. to get together and solve them and if they do not things we had very bad. >> what is problem number one in your view? >> do you accept the affordable care act as the law of the land? well, of course it is the law of the land. it is a bad reform. we can do much better than that. and this is what i'm trying to do with the book. >> you and i will be required to buy an insurance package that will grow faster than our income. and so it is going like this, bl government's help for us is going to be very flat,
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spending on medicare, medicaid hospitals across the economy indefinitely. the exchanges after 2018 only with the economy. government help for us is flat which means more and more of a burden being shifted to the private sector. >> host: why is it going like this? >> guest: it has been doing it for years and the main reason is we don't pay for healthcare with our own money. we mainly pay for with our time. >> host: in your view, should healthcare be tied to our employment? >> guest: to what? >> host: i would -- your employer. >> guest: i would get rid of all the laws that prevented lawyers from
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buying a policy that is personal and portable command that i would let the market decide. >> host: doesn't obama care offer us affordability? >> guest: no. it puts huge fines on employers to try to buy individually on insurance. for a while employers are doing that. given the money and let them buy their own insurance. obama has now come along and said we will impose punitive fines on you. >> host: what if congress repealed the radically changed obama care? >> guest: we have to have a replacement command i would like to see universal tax credit, give everyone the same amount of help for health insurance regardless of where they get it, make
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sure it is not affected by how people work or how many hours they work command and let government back up and get out of the way and let the market proceeds. >> host: medical savings. >> guest: health savings come, i am called the father of health savings. it is key. we need a much more liberal catalog. this could be a huge boon to the chronically owned, many of whom would like to manage their own healthcare. >> host: john goodman, you write one of the six solutions, real insurance. what do you mean by real insurance? >> guest: president obama says we will end the discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions, but what we got is a bait and switch. it is true, all we are
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seeing is this race to the bottom of the exchanges. you can get in a network and find out there is no our dr. wiu which i think is intolerable there is a better way to do it. the premium the individual pays should not be based upon the health condition but the needs to be something to make sure that they get naturally sound system. >> host: part of the debate that we have had more than are not healthcare is a right. >> guest: nowhere in the world has made healthcare all right. the language distracts us from what is really happening.
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accessaccess to health care can be made very much better in the united states people in medicaid and low income folks. >> host: medicaid as a competitor was one of your ideas. >> guest: i would let everyone join medicaid. let them get out. if a very wealthy person wants to go he can do that. most medicaid plans are on my heart to the private health plans was still not good enough long waiting and private insurance is better. >> host: is it politically feasible to make medicaid and medicare a competitive option?
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>> guest: of course. i course. i said earlier i would like to see uniform tax credit available. that is what i'm told. that is enough money to get medicaid like insurance, and i see no reason why you could not let people get it from medicaid themselves, but the vast majority are not going to want to be in medicaid. >> host: here is the book. healthcare solutions for america. >> is there a nonfiction author or book you would like to see featured? send us an e-mail. tweet us, or post on our wall. >> many of this year's presidential candidates have written books. here's.
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here is a look at some of the candidates books.
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[inaudible conversations] welcome. i'm the director of the university press of mississippi. i am thrilled to see all of you here this evening and i want to give a special thank you to our friends at the university press of mississippi for this beautiful spread of snacks and also to take another opportunity to thank the bookstore. they are fantastic bookstore partners and


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